2018 Flower Basket Information

It is that time of year... Flower Basket collection. Planting begins in early March and we need ALL of the donations by that time. **Your Block Captain will also be collecting if you prefer checks or cash but we hope more and more people take advantage via the convenient online donations. It is VERY easy and you have several payment options. Your donation will of course be filed with your block (don't forget to note your address). 

Please take into consideration that there are flower baskets at the "entrances" to the neighborhood that are not on a particular block. The neighborhood "as a whole" takes care of these with the extra donations we receive. That being said, know that any extra donations go toward these baskets, damaged or stolen baskets, fuel/water/materials expenses, or other unforeseen costs.

It is a one of a kind program that only survives because of the generosity of time and treasure. Neighborhood volunteers plant, hang, water, and remove the baskets every year. 

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Volunteer to water the baskets

Thank you for supporting this great program,
Peter Manhart
312 S 57th St


Posted on November 11, 2016 .