The majority of the members of the Dundee-Memorial Park Association live in an area bounded by Leavenworth on the south, Saddle Creek on the east, Western Avenue on the north, and Fair Acres on the west. However, we welcome everyone who is interested in the activities of the Association to become a member.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: Family: $12; Senior (over 55 yrs): $6; Business: $20.
TWO YEAR DISCOUNTS: Family: $20; Senior (over 55 yrs): $10; Business: $30.

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To become a new member, renew your current membership, or to submit an address change:

  1. Print this form (PDF)
  2. Send (with dues, if it's not a simple address change) to:
    Eli McNichols
    5017 1/2 Cass St.
    Omaha, NE 68132

Your membership expiration date is on the top line of your newsletter mailing label. 
Please check it and renew if your membership has expired.