New Walking Tour by Elias W.

We'd like to say "THANK YOU!" to Elias W. for refining DMPA's Walking Tour Map. Elias completed the project as a part of his high school Senior Project. He refined the old PDF by taking new, higher resolution photographs; by researching the sights in the Dundee Pictorial History book, he added/removed information to make the descriptions as accurate as possible; and removing outdated stops and adding new ones, such as the Dodge Street Subway.  

He also created a Google Maps version. He states, "When you look over the Google Maps version, the description is in the upper left-hand corner (click downward arrow next to text to see full explanation). Simply click on the red numbers to see the pictures and information pop-up on the map. You are able to zoom in and out in the bottom right-hand corner and can toggle between a generic map and satellite images by clicking "satellite" in the bottom left."


His goal was to provide the community with a tool that would promote exercise and historical knowledge of our wonderful neighborhood. Job well done!

Here is the Walking Tour PDF and link to Google Maps

Posted on August 13, 2015 .