Fix Farnam

Concerned Neighbors Request To Fix Farnam And Make It A Two Way Street All Day Everyday.


If you would like a Fix Farnam yard sign please email Peter at

 Comments from Concerned Neighbors:

  • “I live on Farnam and work from my home office so I am home during the Eastbound race in the AM and the Westbound race in the afternoon. Multiple times a week someone will turn into my driveway because they are headed the wrong way.”

  • “My daughter had a 3:30-4:30 piano lesson, every Friday, off 52nd & Farnam for several years. People were honking, throughout the lesson, EVERY Friday. It's a mess.”

  • “Oh man, I deliver mail in that neighborhood. Without fail, if I am on the street at 4 pm, I hear the squealing tires on Farnam. It's scary and nerve wracking. I watch cars turn east in horror.”

  • “During his evening commute, my husband spotted two wrong way drivers, one of which was a school bus. Please Fix Farnam!”